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Vegan Nutrition Part 1. Protein. What Is it? Are You Getting Enough?

As many of you are aware, I have been a vegetarian, sometimes pescatarian since I was 15 years of age. Recently, my husband and I adopted a vegan diet and this has raised some concerns with friends and colleagues in our very meat based country of Macau.   Although there is a growing movement in the USA[1], UK[2], Australia and [...]

Engaging the Bandhas of Ashtanga Vinyasa

In my classes, you will often here me say ‘use your bandhas’. I inherited this from my teacher trainer who was known to yell it across the Mysore Room when he saw someone take on a challenging pose without a sense of these subtle forms. Although there are arguments that they are overused in the modern western yoga practice[1], it [...]

Spirulina – A B12 Controversy

Many people who take up yoga, in time, decide to make a further lifestyle change and opt for vegetarianism or veganism. Balancing dietary needs and overcoming dietary challenges can be difficult for people who have just decided to cut meat/animal products from their diets. Often someone will advise them to take spirulina as a boost but is this actually sound [...]


gratəˌt(y)o͞od – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness (Oxford Dictionary) Many years ago, I was introduced to the notion of contemplation on gratitude. It was suggested that I start small… those things close by that I am thankful for – the people I know in my life, the little things that are [...]

Be Your Own Barista

In a hurry and need a caffeine fix? Grab the jar out of the cupboard and make yourself a quick coffee. Instant coffee is this largely taste inhibited, hi-speed, cheap form of a wonderful complex beverage. You add water to a powder or granules, maybe add a touch of milk and sweetener to taste and voila! Done! Instant gratification out [...]

Kerill Ezzy, instrutora de ioga | Interview by Hoje Macau

Recently I had the honour of being interviewed by Hoje Macau, a leading Portuguese language newspaper in Macau. This was an opinion piece about the changes that I have seen over the last 10 years in this country. Has the increase in tourism altered the spirituality of the country or adversely impacted on the culture? I have lived in Macau [...]