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Finding the subtlety of internal awareness in all we do


“There is no Yoga without effort. Application of the principles of these practices allows us to discover our true natures. Our truth brings freedom from our self-imposed shackles.”

Group and Individual classes are all carefully considered and constructed. Students are encouraged to remain present with their practice. Whether a beginner or advanced student, practitioners are encouraged to extend themselves but still work within their safe limitations.

The teaching at Kerill Yoga ensures that students develop an understanding of the practice within their own bodies. Anatomical understanding is greatly supported and encouraged. Individual health needs and physical limitations are observed and catered for at all times. This ensures that students are able to practice to their edges safely, in a manner that prevents injury and remedies physical, emotional and breath imbalance.

Classes are themed, based on either anatomical, breath, mindfulness or other yogic principles


Beginner’s Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga  – this is a beginner class – We teach the fundamentals of alignment, drishti, yogic breath with just a hint of yogic philosophy.

Vinyasa Flow 1

Vinyasa Flow 1 – This is a Beginner/intermediate class – an energetic practice that smoothly links different asana through the use of the breath.

Vinyasa Flow 2

Intermediate/advanced class – a strong energetic practice that requires knowledge of asana. Involves inversions, arm balances and core work

Ashtanga Led

Ashtanga Led Class – this led class is designed for all levels of yoga practice – a led Ashtanga First Series Class as designed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

Ashtanga Mysore

Requires knowledge of Ashtanga – the self-practice with teacher assists and adjustments as per the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois (only class available in Macau)

HathaPostural Yoga/Yoga Chill

All levels – based on a combination of therapeutic work and restorative yoga. Relax and realign your body, mind and breath. Can involve meditation and breathwork.

Aqua Yoga

All levels – non-impact yoga combined with gentle aerobic activity practiced in a swimming pool. Great for those suffering injury/joint pain. Requires that practitioners can swim.

TRX for Yoga

TRX for Yoga – all levels – this class can increase your flexibility and strength while discovering a new understanding of asana with the support of a TRX Suspension System.

Pre/Post Natal

All levels (individual/small groups only) – supporting new and mums-to-be during the most life changing event in their lives. Safe, supported and nurtured practices of asana, breathwork and meditation