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Ashtanga has a reputation as a fierce and fiery practice. What are we truly doing when we turn our hearts, mind and bodies to this practice? Why do we take to our mats on a daily basis? How can we overcome our samskaras to unlock our empathetic natures in a  world that desperately needs fierce and determined compassion?

This December’s retreat takes us on adventures to confront those elements that block us from truly opening our hearts to compassion. By understanding our true relationship to our world, we can begin to recognise and freely cultivate our own authenticity. In knowing where our personal and shared challenges lie and with tools to assist us in overcoming them, we become a part of the change that is so desperately needed in our modern world.

Together, on this retreat, we experience ethically sourced vegan food, earth created villas, national parks and environmentally designed and protected adventure locations. Our yoga journey takes us into the path of fierce compassion through classes on the nature and overcoming the obstacles to compassion, empathetic hands on assists, gratitude practices, meditation, pranayama and asana practice.


  • Pranayama/Breathwork
  • Ashtanga Led/Mysore Asana Practice
  • Partner Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Workshops


  • Om Waters Floating Retreat Centre Day Trip
  • Craft and Farmer’s Market Visit
  • Ziplining and Abseiling Adventure Day
  • Herbal Steam and Fire Ceremony


  • 6 nights accommodation (please see options below)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Adventure Transfers
  • Morning Tea, Coffee and Fruit
  • All Meals (Vegan)
  • All Activities (please bring fun money for the market visit)


  • Flights
  • Off site market food, drinks, souvenirs, massages and other fun stuff
  • Onsite massages (available for 400THB!)
  • Onsite Floatation Tank
  • Alcohol/extra food purchases on site
  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended that you purchase this)

EARLY BIRD PRICING (Pay in Full By 12th October 2018)*

  • Superior Villa (single occupancy) – 8,470HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Superior Villa (shared occupancy) – 6,940HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Regular Villa (single occupancy) – 8,215HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Regular Villa (shared occupancy) – 6,820HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Mini Villa (single occupancy only) – 6,939HKD/person ONE REMAINING

REGULAR PRICING (Payment Due by 30th November 2018)*

  • Superior Villa (single occupancy) – 9,410HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Superior Villa (shared occupancy) – 7,710HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Regular Villa (single occupancy) – 9,130HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Regular Villa (shared occupancy) – 7,570HKD/person SOLD OUT
  • Mini Villa (single occupancy only) – 7,710HKD/person ONE REMAINING

NOTE – non-refundable deposit of 2500HKD is required at time of booking. Full payment to be made by 30th November 2018.
PLEASE NOTE – at the time of booking, further information regarding the itinerary, what to bring and a travel questionnaire will be sent to you.

If you would like to attend the retreat but are unable to attend for the full event, please email Kerill on k@kerillyoga.com to discuss options