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“The physical and spiritual power of this practice is unquestionable. For us, today’s Yoga is ancient wisdom and practices combined with modern research to improve the human condition.”

Kerill Yoga offers a practice of Yoga centred on the whole self. Although many students come to the practice for physical reasons, it is important for us to know that Yoga is a deep-rooted tradition that stems beyond the modern physically focused practice.

At Kerill Yoga, we work to ensure that students are guided physically through a safe yet strenuous asana(postural) practice. Our asana classes are based on solid anatomical research and training. We understand that every body is different with its own unique strengths and challenges that can change on a daily basis. Every student is given attention as an individual rather than as a face in the crowd.

We have found that in working with asana as an initial foundation, students often later start to enquire about other practices of this tradition. Pranayama, advanced asana and meditation workshops are also offered by Kerill Yoga for those ready to enquire into the practice. Beginner’s workshops and classes are offered for those who wish to establish a solid grounding in the practice.

Kerill Yoga also runs a mentorship program for newly certified teachers with a strong focus on anatomy and adjustment, class sequencing, public speaking, advanced breathwork and mindful student guidance.

Day and week retreats are run regularly in beautiful environments throughout Asia.

Our teachers are real world yogis who undergo a compulsory annual updated competency training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest anatomical and historical research. We are not set in dogma and welcome knowledge as a means to improve ourselves and our students’ experiences.



“Progress in the practice is not linear. Progress comes from revisiting, reanalysing and the ongoing pursuit of the understanding of self. Just as every day starts afresh, every breath is new, every movement is as it has never been before. Through such mindful awareness, we can bring universal transformation.”

Kerill is a dedicated yoga practitioner whose fundamental motivation in teaching is to work with the integrity of the body as a means of accessing the alignment of the breath and spirit. She has a true love of the yogic tradition, modern sciences and the nitty gritty of life.  Bringing these together with a touch of humour, she challenges students to step outside their habits and break free of their self-imposed limitations. She believes strongly in the power of breathwork and mindfulness as a means of accessing the deep recesses of the mind body connection. It is through this that she sees the true workings of yoga in practice.

Kerill is a Yoga Alliance Experienced 500Hour Teacher, a registered PreNatal Teacher and has undergone  extensive training as a Yoga Therapist, in Pranayama and in specialized anatomy. She has had a dedicated Ashtanga asana practice for over a decade and has been teaching for over 6 years. She regularly holds specialized yoga workshops in Australia, China and Macau.

Kerill is the Macau ambassador for Yoga Gives Back

She invites students to come to the mat, to dig deeply and find their inner strength – a strength that translates to help them find a means of support during life’s challenges. To find the marriage in mind, body and breath is, to her, one of the greatest gifts we can experience. Kerill feels blessed to follow in the lineage of her teachers and endeavours to honour their wisdom through her understanding of the practice, science, humour and herself.

Kerill is inspired by Michel Besnard, Roslyn Ying, Paul Dallaghan, Arielle Nash-Degagne, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Carlos Pomeda. She feels honoured and blessed to call them teachers and friends.


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“Yoga is a pathway for every body and every mind. Finding the right guidance for ourselves, as individuals, determines whether we make this discovery and continue with the practise or fail to even take our first steps.”

After having dabbled with ‘yoga at the gym’ during her misspent youth, it wasn’t until she started practising regularly with her teacher, Kerill, that she finally started to understand what the whole ‘yoga thing’ was about … and even then, in her eyes, that didn’t come quickly.

She has now been regularly practising for over 5 years. She admits that, in being human, she has had days away from the practice but always feels herself returning to her mat. Having found herself with some ‘work free’ time in October 2016, Sue decided to head to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a place she knows and loves, to embark on her 200 hour TT.

Whilst her training was in Hatha, she most frequently practises Ashtanga and Ashtanga based Vinyasa. She admits she is yet to make it through a class without discovering a new physical and mental challenge of the practice.

Sue would like to encourage others who, like her, discover yoga for themselves at different stages through their lives. Her sentiment is to invite people to just give it a go. In her heart, she knows the practice really is for everyone.

As a teacher and student, she is confident that, with a little bit of commitment, persistence and encouragement, yoga can bring so many rewards. Sue knows that yoga will be with her for the rest of her life. This brings her great comfort, confidence and peace.  When all else seems too much, yoga will always be there.